“It’s like a destiny for me. Something I can’t stop. Before the revolution my work was abstract, creatures in the sea, nature. After the revolution … it showed all the bad effects we have deep inside us, and the mental problems we have accumulated over the years.”

Alice Al Khatib is a Syrian artist born in Damascus in 1982. She graduated in Fine Arts majoring in Sculpture in 2005 from the Damascus University and has participated in numerous collective exhibitions in Damascus & Beirut. Alice is known for her deformed and scowling monster sculptures in first bronze and later gypsum.

The shift of material was first of all because of bronze being to expensive and hard to get in a time of war. But later it became an experimental process for her. The implementation of gypsum gave the art work new dimensions by the materials vulnerability and, at the same time, flexibility. ­The sculptures went through a process of construction and destruction. Leaving parts of the metallic structure revealed

“I don’t want to be this fake person who’s putting on a mask which helps others accept me, me as Alice, ­a female artist. I don’t feel I am accepted for who I really am. Every day I sit and think about how I can break these killing routines and show this natural face of mine”