After being in Germany for one year, I started the German language school. Not because I wanted to, but because of my reality as a refugee. The mind set is completely different when you have left your torn country behind, and still are questioning what “belonging” and “homeland” means to you.

Learning a new language has become my first priority, instead of focusing on my work. At the same time I have noticed that it has become like a kind of diary, an everyday routine, and a quest for discovering Deutsch culture and mentality.

In my new project I study German on canvas, writing German words and the meaning of them in Arabic. Repeating them again and again. By putting the words in a visual form that I use to as painter, words become signs that has a meaning – or just an abstract shapes for someone how doesn’t understand the meaning of it…

The project “German on canvas” is in progress and I would like to get in touch with new collaborators – a curator, a gallery or a someone hosting a space.

Thank you!