As a rapper growing up in Homs, making a living out of music seemed merely impossible, especially if you were to drop out of school, before having a high school degree. It sounded insane for people around me, and after every (small) concert the first question I used to get was “Did it pay off?”. I didn’t understand the question back then but being older now I can see that people who loves us wants us to earn money to have a comfortable life.

Anyhow, I didn’t have a good reason to keep on rapping, but I did – since I love it.

To make a long story short, it got me where I am today – a rapper\writer and a freelance-self taught field sound engineer for cinema and television.
If music won’t pay off, other sound working solutions will, but the thing about music\writing is that it doesn’t have to. I will keep on creating.

Music has become a part of my everyday life, a huge part of my psychological balance, and the firm ground that I stand on in my unstable life. Enough about me. My first album was “Ard el Samak – The land of fish 2016”. Below are links you can listen to or buy, either way you are supporting.



I left Syria five years ago, with a heavy question that I later answered with music. What can I do to create awareness about what’s happening with Syrians, inside and outside the country? At the same time the question itself is not the right one to ask, because if we can’t do anything our selves, nothing can be done for us.

So I started create connections to the younger generations, the ones who haven’t had their minds filled up with “grown ups stuff”. MOTIVATIONAL WRITING THROUGH ARAB RAP is the name of the project.

The main idea is to go to Syrian children, wherever I can find them, and to create a product built on their own ideas. Can be a poem\rap, a short story or any other “literate” form of phrasing. What I’m aiming for this year is to start recording these texts\tracks to create an album that’s worth hearing. Syria’s Youth and Children have a lot to offer this upside down world.

Hoping to hear from you!