I like to see things contrary to the way people see it, to address fixed truths and create a deficiency in them. I try to discover the things we don´t notice and make them be noticed . Today we are living the idea of the war in Syria and it´s stereotypes, but the thing is that the stereotypes are going to be same in 5 or 10 years in another conflict. ISIS is not a new invention at all, if you go back in history you will find that it is what the Americans did to Red Indians, what Europeans did when they occupied us etc. The problem is not the beard and “Allah Akbar”, it is the thought construction of dividing people between “us” and “the others”.

Ossama is a master of combining different kinds of disciplines to embody his theatre pieces. He started of with hip-hop/street dance performances in 1994 and in 2002, during his second year at Higher Institute of Dramatic, he founded the Koon Theater Group. Koon started from the idea of experimenting with different spaces, as an attempt to challenge the traditional theatrical middle class experience, by performing where people lived their everyday life and by inviting the audience to interact with the performance as well as in the theatrical development process.

When the revolution started in Syria an important question arose “Why do theatre, what can theatrical performances provide in this moment of time?” To answer the theatre group moved out to the street to observe and learn. This led to the development of projects that mirrored the pain of both people and the society.

Today Ossama lives in Beirut and his last project at Koon is the acclaimed performance Above Zero.



Right now I am based in Beirut and am trying to find a creative studio where KOON theater can host independent performers. I wish to create a space, where we can perform as an ongoing workshop to develop and produce future theatre projects. I also hope to find collaborations so we can perform and travel with ‘Above Zero’ in EU and collaborate with EU performers and actors. Finally I am always looking for funding opportunities to produce the new performance by KOON group.

Thank you